Best Water Type Pokemon of All Time [Strongest List]

The Pokemon are worldwide renowned special cartoon characters that filled many youngsters childhood with fun. The splash of water, speed, thunder and lots more come with water Pokemon. The water Pokemon are cute in nature as compared to other types. A lot of water Pokémon appeared from the first generation till now, and few were far stronger as compared to others. Let’s delve into water through this article to found out the top 10 best water type Pokemon with strengths and weakness.

Top Ten Best Water Type Pokemon List

10. Feraligatr

Feraligatr Pokemon

Feraligatr water Pokemon is powerful, tall blue colored Pokemon with big jaws. It was introduced
in generation 2. Feraligatr in a fight strikes at very fast face. Once the opponent is on his jaw, he shakes and tears the opponent apart.
Feraligatr is the final form of Tododile, and it is evolved from Croconaw. This water Pokemon is weak against Electric and Grass type Pokemon. The moves Feraligatr consist include a waterfall, earthquake, ice punch, and famous dragon dance. The speed is the critical element that makes Feraligatr deadly. Feraligatr has a rating of 530 points on the official Pokemon database.

9. Kingdra

Kingdra Pokemon

Kingdra is dragon type water Pokemon making the first appearance in Generation 2. The Pokemon lives in the depth of ocean which is uninhabited, and it creates spiraling ocean currents with its yawning.
When Kendra on charge it creates a whirlpool that can even destroy big ships. When the storm arrives, this Pokemon gets awakened and search for his prey. It is evolved from Seadra, and final form is Horsea. Kingdra is deadly with dragon pulse and surf.

8. Swampert

Swampert Pokemon

This water type Pokemon is known as “Mud Fish Pokemon”. Swampert have a powerful vision and good eyesight which let it see in murky water. It is very strong and has enough power to drag one-ton boulder or greater than that easily.
Swampert makes a nest on beautiful beaches, and strong arms swirl can greatly damage the opponent. It is a superb swimmer and protects its nest from the sea by pulling up big boulders. It has a good sense of anticipating storms. Swampert good moves include avalanche, hammer arm, and waterfall. In waterfall move its stabs its opponent with amazing power.

7. Blastoise

Blastoise Pokemon

Every Pokemon fan remembers the appearance of big monstrous cute Blastoise in the first generation. It evolves from Wartortle, and it is the final form of little Squirtle. The pressurized water jets help him to tackle the enemy speedily. The rocket cannons tear apart the opponent defense.
The water bullets fired by Blastoise can hit an enemy from a distance over 160 feet. Blastoise has two powerful abilities Torrent and Rain Dish that helps him preventing attacks against foes. The armor of this Pokemon can be of great usage for the team. The shell can protect teammates from advanced attacks.

6. Lapras

Lapras Pokemon

Lapras is known as the transport Pokemon. It appeared in the first generation and was adored for his cute character by Pokemon lovers. Lapras is brilliant, and it can understand human speech. It is said that humans hunted it till extinction.
It can transport people over the sea. This Pokemon rarely fight, but it has some deadly moves in the arsenal. This Pokemon can heal himself by using water as immunity. It carries water attack for healing purposes. It has a very strong shell that prevents major opponents attack. Lapras can be very well used for team attacks. It inflicts an attack on an enemy by using toxic poison. The Thunderbolt with good accuracy and strong power causes the enemy double damage. Lapras have an excellent rating of 535 points.

5. Gyarados

Gyarados Pokemon

The great Gyarados is water flying type Pokémon. The nature of Gyarados is violent and vicious. Gyarados is rarely seen in wild and has two special hidden abilities Moxie and Intimidate. This Pokemon like all other water Pokemon is weak against Rock and Electric types.
Gyarados is so much powerful that it can destroy the whole city. Gyarados can cause great carnage once it is in a bad mood. The Gyarados is very lethal with its moves. The best moves are hydro pump and dragon breath. The combination of bite and twister from this Pokemon makes an impressive attack. Gyarados have a special rating of 540 points. Gyarados can evolve into Mega Gyarados for the greater deadly rampage.

4. Manaphy

Manaphy Pokemon

The Pokemon is known by the name of Seafaring Pokemon. The cute little blue colored Pokemon have the ability to breed and has the power to make a bond with any Pokemon. The special ability to bond with other Pokemon is very rare. The special ability of Hydration makes it quite deadly.
This Pokemon body is made up of 80% water, and it can swim across great distances. Manaphy heals itself when hydration is combined with rest and rain. Manaphy have an overall rating of 600 points.

3. Suicune

Suicune Pokemon

Suicune is known by the name of Aurora Pokemon. Ho-Oh reincarnated Suicune. Pressure is the special ability of this Pokemon. It has quite fast speed and balanced defense and attack. The Suicune also has the power to purify dirty water.
It races around the world in search of pure water, and north winds are related to it. Roar by Suicune scares the other Pokemon. Stab attack with a burn is deadly for the foe, and it relies heavily on stab attack. This Pokemon has defensive mindset but with an impressive offensive punch.

2. Kyogre

Kyogre Pokemon

Kyogre is generation 3 Pokemon popular with the name of Sea Basin. The transformation into different forms by this water Pokemon causes a rise in sea levels. The drizzle is a special ability of Kyogre and has a nice combo of special attack and defense.
Kyogre splashes enemy with the ice beam and thunder. Kyogre is very composed and silent in nature. The tactics displayed by Kyogre covers all type of attacks. Kyogre absorb damages as well before forming a final attack on the enemy. Water spout is his best move.

1. Palkia

Palkia Pokemon

Palkia secures the top spot on the list. This water type dragon Pokemon is vicious in nature. Palkia control the space, and fierce sound scares the opponents.
Palkia main ability is to distort space. This water Pokémon is quite fast and reaches the destination in a very short period. It was first introduced in Generation 4, and it is known as Spatial Pokemon.
Palkia special abilities include telepathy and pressure. This water Pokemon can be the main offensive punch because it has very few weaknesses like other water Pokemon. Palkia is legendary Pokemon because it is not evolved from any other Pokemon. Palkia have a very high rating of 680 which is greater as compared to any other water Pokemon.


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