Best Total War Games of All Time [Best List]

War is a strategy, and that is what gamers can experience in the fantastic total war game series. The movement of troops across the Great Plains and forming a combination of different arms of the army with blend real-time strategy is always thrilling for gamers. The world of the game has seen many great strategy games from the Age of Empires 2 to Company of Heroes 2 to Total War Games. Total war games without any doubt are critically acclaimed and done tremendously well on the financial scale. The first game of the series was released by Creative Assembly way back in 2000 titled “Shogun: Total War”. Since then many games have been released over the course of two decades. Let’s see the Top 10 Best total war games.

Top Ten Best Games Like Total War

10. Napoleon Total War

Napoleon Total War

The game was the sixth installment in total war game series developed by Creative Assembly released by Sega. The era of Napoleonic wars based the main story of game plot. The story-driven campaigns are set in North Africa, Middle East, and Europe.
The game consisted of two types of game plays one is real time tactical battles in which huge armies are commanded, and fight take place. The second is a geopolitical campaign in which defensive structures are formed, and sources of income are generated. The game consists of four campaigns. Overall the gameplay was critically acclaimed by the viewers.

9. Total War Attila

Total War Attila

The game is based on the famous Hun leader Attila. This was the ninth game in Total War series. It was released on 17, February 2015. The game is a great improvement of Rome 2 with the great enjoyable campaign with good mechanics.
The campaigns are the representation of fighting in Europe around 400 AD. The game play is centered on the lands of Europe and Russia in the east. The game received an excellent rating of 8.1 from IGN and 83% from PC Gamer. The Barbarian Huns have been greatly depicted in the cut scenes, and game play is more or less like Rome 2.

8. Total War Warhammer

Total War Warhammer

The game is different in a way that it is not set on the historical backgrounds. This game is 10th in Total War series. The game is same like other Total War games includes mobilization of armies and managing cities. This game included monsters, warriors, and heroes just like a traditional sky fiction story.
The game features four factions, and each faction has special units and own campaign. Maps are similar to Attila but with bigger changes in terrain. War system and city building is the core of this game. The game received an excellent rating on Metacritic with 86%.

7. Total War Rome 2

Total War Rome 2

This game allows players to control 8 factions. A sequel to Rome: Total War. The gameplay is set around nourishing the civilization and making huge armies. This game was interesting with facial animations of the soldiers.
The gamers can see the battle from almost any angle. The great begins around the time of 272 BC. The gamers have to pick general when the army is created. Overall this game suffers from some technical issues but turned out to be a great success.

6. Total War Empire

Total War Empire

The game is set around the period of the 1700s to 1800s.The game contains whopping 50 factions. The economic and military movements are separate on the campaign map. The game features a technology tech tree for prosperity and industrialization.
Gamers play battles in real time without the hassle of the campaign. The armies of the 18th century are featured in the game with riflemen and cannons etc. The game features three main modes. The game received a great rating of 9.5 on IGN.

5. Total War Shogun

Total War Shogun

This game takes players to ancient Japan during the time of Sengoku Jidai. The game play is a 3D mode with players with strategy fight in Japan. The game is centered on the Samurai warfare. The gamers have to conquer Japan through espionage, politics, military and trade.
The gamers have to choose one faction and then fight to become Shogun of Feudal Japan. The game received a great rating of 8.8 on Game Spot. Later Mongol pack was also released. The game was released in 2000, but it is a legendary game in total war games.

4. Total War Shogun 2

Total War Shogun 2

This game is a sequel to famous Shogun. The game takes gamers to the 16th century. The Japan in ruled by warlords fighting consistently. The gamers play the role of general and clan leader. Gamers can choose from nine clans.
Each clan has specific trait and advantages in a certain area. The gamers get in depth of role play as mentioned above. The players unlock greater abilities with better experience. The game received a great rating of 9 on both IGN and Game Spot.

3. Total War Rome

Total War Rome

The game was released in 2004. The game campaigns are set around the Roman Republic and Roman Empire around (270 BC- AD 14). The wars take place across North Africa and Europe. The gamers take the role of one of three great Rome Houses. During the game, more factions are unlocked. Each faction has advantages and specific skills.
The gamers enjoy the 3D real-time tactical battle, and it was one of first PC strategy game to be reviewed.

2. Total War Medieval

Total War Medieval

The game is set in the middle ages and was the second game of Total War series. The players build a great empire across Middle East, North Africa, and Europe over the time of 1087 to 1453. The players can choose from 14 factions and fought to win on the strategy map.
The game incorporates greater improvement and enhancements as compared to Shogun. The gamers build buildings and units in Technology tree. Each faction has different Generals or from different Royal Family. This is a 3D game in real time and fought on a large map.

1. Total War Medieval II

Total War Medieval 2

This game is truly epic in all total war games with great improvements and secures the first position. .The game plot is set around the medieval time of 1080 to 1530. The game has almost 21 factions. The game was later expanded to America with Medieval II: Kingdoms.
The gamers have to build civilizations and military. This game includes culture, politics, and military. Gamers can play themselves in battle mode or outcome can be determined automatically. The game is a turn-based game and can switch between winter and summer. The game received whooping 10/10 on steam better than any other total war games.


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