Best Tales Games of All Time [Best List]

The Japanese game industry has always come up with the interesting game franchises since the 1990s. The tales games have a large fan following and were available on large platforms. Tales games used to have their own charm and fun for anime fans. The tales game is not only confined to games but was anime series, audio dramas and manga series supplied in various forms to the Tales games fan. The first game was released in 1995 and then spanned over two decades with sixteen more titles to come. The tales games are commonly interlinked with each other through game play and fantasy stories. Let’s take a look at the top 10 best tales games.

Top Ten Best Tales Games

10. Tales of Heart R

Tales of Heart R

This game was the 11th game entry in tales games series. The game was developed by Namco Tales Studio and published by popular Bandai Namco games. The game is plot set around the main character of the game named Kor Meteor who helps a woman named Kohaku Hearts and her brother Hisui to fight against the infection xerom caused by monster Incarose.
Kor and his party travel around the world to found out the shattered pieces of Kohaku heart. The gameplay involved a lot of aerial combos and usage of special weapon soma. The story is character focused and it is loved for its weird story.

9. Tales of Graces F

Tales of Graces F

This game was released on 2009 in Japan and later in North America and elsewhere. The game was developed by Namco Studios. This game has a unique “Style Shift Linear Motion Battle System”. The game plot was set in the world named “Ephinea” and the protagonist is Asbel Lhant. The new skills and layers once players get in the game deeply. Each character has its own strength and weaknesses.
Asbel Lhant and his friend discover amnesiac girl Sophie. The main theme of the game is friendship and battle play becomes exciting with combos and characters with special traits.

8. Tales of Destiny

Tales of Destiny

This game was developed by Telenet Japan and it was the second main title in Namco’s tale series. The game is the predecessor of Tales of Phantasia and saw major improvements as compared to first game. The game plot takes places in a fantasy world and young man Stahn comes across a sacred feeling sword named Dymlos and fights with the other sword wielders.
Stahn and friends combined with the evil forces and seek to use a relic from an ancient war. The game gained very high popularity as the second game in Tales series and became the highest selling game in Japan.

7. Tales of Legendia

Tales of Legendia

This game was released in Japan in 2005. This game is seventh in the list of main tales games series. The game plot is set in a fantasy world where characters are on a gigantic ship and the world is covered by the water. These characters are part of ancient civilization. The gamers take the control of young man named Senel to save her from individuals from the mysterious that will take place.
The music of the game was widely appraised by the critics. The game is set in three-dimensional characters and environments. The gamers have to meet non-player characters to advance the story. The overall game did well and sold almost 397,000 copies worldwide.

6. Tales of Phantasia

Tales of Phantasia

This game marked the beginning of the tales games series in 1995. This game defines the parameter for the future tales games. A story based character, fantasy world, and amazing themes. The combat taking place in different environments. The plot is set around four legendary heroes against the evil man Sorcerer Dhaos. The protagonist is Cress. Cress along with his friends fight against the devil. It was the first fast-paced fighting system and players enjoy the gameplay with different characters. The story and great graphics way back in 1995 was the core in making game interesting.

5. Tales of Xillia 2

Tales of Xillia 2

This game was released in the year of 2012. It is the 14th game in tales game series. The game consists of two main field map and battle screen. The gamers interact in a 3D environment with non-player characters to advance the story. The game is the successor of Tales of Xillia.
Every character has a thorough storyline and every character takes its own mission. Ludger the part of Kresnik family takes part to finished the fractured dimensions. The game story is interesting and arouses the curiosity of gamers.

4. Tales of Symphonia

Tales of Symphonia

This game is the 5th game in tales games series. The game takes place in a fantasy world Sylvarant and the story revolves around the main character Lloyd Irving. Lloyd accompanies his friend Colette to save the world. The journey brings them to the conclusion that their own world Tethealla is at stake.
The game is instilled with interesting stories and skits. The battle takes place in 3D environment and players learn a lot of skills. The factions and world of Sylvarant keep the gamers interest. Nine party members are created in the cause to save both worlds.

3. Tales of Vesperia

Tales of Vesperia

This game was the 10th game in the tales games series. The game is set in a world Terca Lumireis which requires a blastia energy source and has protective barriers around its cities. The main character is former Imperial soldier Yuri Lowell. Yuri finds a woman named Estelle and they escape from.
The game graphics was high class and gameplay was applauded by the critics. The game received a great rating of 8.5 on Game Spot. The characters have their weaknesses and they must act together as a team to save the world. A fatal strike system was introduced for the first time in the game. This game includes all the critical elements of ideal tales game.

2. Tales of Xillia

Tales of Xillia

The game involves two characters. Jude Mathis and Mila Maxwell are the main characters in the game. According to the story, Mila sabotages a weapon Lance of Kresnik in Jude’s city. The society includes a special technology Spyrix. The game includes an interesting story with balanced villan and heroes. This game was the first to introduced link system.
The game is very exciting all the time and it is critically appraised for its advanced game play. The game has won awards from Sony and Famitsu and sold over half million copies in a week. The 3D gameplay is as good like ideal tales games.

1. Tales of Abyss

Tales of Abyss

This game is the perfect game in tales games series. The effective battle engine, storyline and well-developed characters it has all. The main characters build a team around them. The game gives the options for interesting roam 3D movement in battle. The bonuses were also introduced where magic spells were used by gamers for the first time in tales games.
This game took the combat system to a new level. The game plot is set around a man named Luke Fon Fabre. Luke teacher Van suffers a failed assassination attempt and Luke life takes a new turn. Luke plays a part of a hero whose role changes greatly once the game moves on. There is a twist for gamers with a clone of original Luke Fon Fabre. A new feature free run was also introduced. Hence this is a premier game in the tales games series.


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