Skyrim Best Bow [Strongest List]

In 2013 the gaming world saw the arrival of Skyrim that was a magical fantasy world. Skyrim is the world in itself and followers are the core of the game. Skyrim core followers are equipped with deadly weapons which cause a real threat to the competitors. The major weapons that stand out from all the weapons are the special Skyrim bows. The follower having better bow can give a knockout punch to his or her foe. Some deadly bows are used in Skyrim games. The bow is must in the inventory of Skyrim follower. When magic or special power is combined with Skyrim bows that increase the overall effectiveness. Let’s take a look at the top 10 Skyrim best bows.

Top Ten Strongest Bow in Skyrim

10. Ebony Bow

Ebony Bow Skyrim

Ebony bows come in the star of Skyrim when once the Dragonborn have the level of 36. Interesting bows can be found at the level of 37. Players can access bow at the lowest level of 18. There are some locations where Ebony bow can be found. Some locations are blacksmiths and general good merchants. The Ebony bow can be upgraded with Ebony Ingot available at grindstone for most of Skyrim bows which enhance its power up to double.
The Ebony bow has a base damage of 17 and base value 1440. There is one fixed location in Lost Valkygg at Labyrinthian.

9. Glass Bow of Stag Prince

Glass Bow of Stag Prince Skyrim

The bow can be obtained through Falas Selvayn through pickpocketing and with possession of Misdirection perk in Dragonborn. Glass bow has damage of 16 with the weight of 14. The bow can upgrade Refined Malachite. This bow is unique in terms of its availability because it can be found in Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn. The bow has great damage output.
The bonus can be earned easily like for every 20 animals bonus of 5 extra health and stamina which can reach up to 25.

8. Daedric Bow

Daedric Bow Skyrim

This boy is can also be found in the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The bow design is interesting and unique. Daedric bow has recurved bow design. The bow has devil appearance. The bows can be obtained at level 46. The locations include random loots and chests. The upgraded material required for this bow is Ebony Ingot.
The bow has a base damage of 19 and weight of 18. It is quite reliable and can be easily obtained.

7. Gauldur BlackBow

Gauldur BlackBow Skyrim

The bow has skin made of ancient Nord bow. Gauldur bow can be obtained during the Forbidden Legend quest, and Sigdis Gauldurson drops it. Gauldur bow is famous because it absorbs 30 points in per Magicka shot. The bow also helps in gaining Magicka potion. The Gauldur bow has damage of 14 and shots per second is 0.625.
The bow strength depends upon the character level. The bow can be upgraded through Steel Ingot and Arcane Blacksmith perk.

6. DrainSpell Bow

DrainSpell Bow Skyrim

This bow is quite interesting in terms of fire rate with good average base damage. The enhancement of bow can absorb up to 15 Magicka points. This bow is a unique weapon in one of three ghost weapons by spectral variants of Draugr. These bows can only be obtained during Staff of Magnus quest for College of Winterhold. The base damage is 14 and weight is extremely light with 6.
Gamers save up soul gems and Magicka potion and drop something bigger before acquiring this bow.

5. The Bow of the Hunt

Bow of the Hunt Skyrim

The rate of fire and ease of obtaining this bow makes it special. It is different hunting bow in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The bow is present at the back on Clearspring Tarn on the altar. Hunt bow enchantment can damage up to 20 points on animals. The bow can be easily upgraded with Steel Ingot on a grindstone. It can get benefited from Steel Smithing perk which improves it power double.
The bow has a base damage of 10 with the weight 7 and base volume 434. This bow does not glow like other bows in enchantment.

4. Nightingale Bow

Nightingale Bow Skyrim

The bow has impressive base damage of 19 and a shot per second is whopping 0.5. The skin is considered to be unique. The bow can be obtained during the Blindsight quest of Thieves Guild. The bow is interesting that it grows as the player level grows. Karliah originally owns the bow. As mentioned above the bow enchantments, value and base strength increase with level.
The bow weight is 18 and base value of 3405. The bow can be upgraded with an Ebony Ingot and Arcane Blacksmith perk. The best possible version for this bow at level 46.

3. Firiniel’s End

Firiniel End Skyrim

This is one of a unique Skyrim bows found in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The bow can be acquired during the Dark Brotherhood quest of Bound until Death. The bow has a base damage of 21 and weight is 11 with a total base value of 785. The foe takes the damage of 20 points of Frost damage to stamina and health. Firniel’s end is upgraded with Refined Moonstone Ingot at a grindstone. The Elven Smithing cause double improvement in a bow.
The bow can be found on the ground with some arrows and Potion of True Shot.

2. Dwarven Black Bow of Fate

Dwarven Black Bow of Fate Skyrim

This is a unique Dwarven bow introduced in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn. This bow has 50% chance to absorb either 20 points of Magicka or Stamina and health. The bow can be found in Kagrumez on a rack in the southeast room. This bow availability is contingent on the finding of Kagrumez Resonance Gems which will unlock the gate. The bow has total damage of 21 with the weight of 10 and impressive base value of 1446.
The bow can be upgraded with Ebony Ingot and smithing required Dwarven Smithing.

1. Zephyr Bow

Zephyr Bow Skyrim

This Dwarven bow secures the first position in the list of Skyrim bows due to its impressive traits. The bow is unique and can be found in Dwemer ruin of Arkngthamz during the quest for “Lost of Ages”. The bow originally belonged to Katria who died in an earthquake. This bow can be improved with Dwarven Metal Ingot and required Dwarven Smithing.
The impressive part that its enchantment gives it the special ability to fire arrows 30% faster. Zephyr bow has the highest base damage per second in all archery weapons with each arrow at 1.58 seconds. The Zephyr is the deadliest among Skyrim bows and kills faster than any other bow. The ease with which bow can be obtained and tons of heavy features make it the best bow in Skyrim.


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