Best Roguelike Games of All Time [Best List]

Roguelike free turn based games are quite common among youngsters. These role-playing games with the touch of fantasy were part of top games in the 1990s.The game play elements of the game were called Berlin Interpretation. The best Roguelike games have the fundamental inclusion of Dungeons. The diversity of Roguelike games was astonishing with the inclusion of popular thematic styles and graphical styles. Let’s take a look at the top 10 best Roguelike games.

Top Ten Best Roguelike Games List

10. Don’t Starve

Donot Starve Game

The dark and creative pop-up book style make this game enjoyable. The game play with the inclusion of Berlin interpretation elements makes the game charming. Gamers have to kill monsters. The game is full of wilderness and survival through science and magic. The players explored the world full of strange creatures. Klei Entertainment published the game in 2013.
The interesting thing about this game is 2D characters in the 3D world just like other best Roguelike games. Gamers can generate random world to use a bit of customization.

9. Dungeons of Dredmor

Dungeons of Dredmor

This game was released on July 13, 2011, by Gaslamp Games. The game has tile based graphics. The game takes place in a dangerous Dungeon Crawler environment. The gamers take part in the first floor and as gamers go down the level of difficulty increases. Each floor is filled with a maze which including monsters, loots, and traps with additional various objects.
The protagonist character determines their effectiveness in various aspects of game play. The game received a rating of 8.5 on IGN. The gamers start with 7 skills and with experience skills enhance.

8. Angband

Angband Roguelike

The Angband is role playing Dungeon crawling computer game released in 1990. The game was available for multiple platforms including notable Windows and Linux. The gamers have to survive 100 levels in Angband. The gamers main objective is to defeat Morgoth. According to reviews, the game is challenging. The game plot is set in a town where the game starts, and gamers can buy weapons before the real showdown.
Maze fortress filled with monsters, traps, hidden doors and equipment awaits gamers. The characters are there in the game, and gamers find the artifacts from Tolkien’s legendarium. The players enjoy the unique game play at every stage.

7. The Binding of Isaac

The Binding of Isaac

The game was developed by an independent individual named Edmund McMillen on September 28, 2011. This game features a top-down Dungeon Crawler with two-dimensional sprites. Each character is different with a limited number of attributes. The story of the game is inspired by Biblical Story of Binding Issac.
The Issac mother receives a message from God with demand for the proof of faith. After the message, Isaac goes down the basement with monsters and Issac fight to survive. The game received overall 8/10 on Game Spot.

6. Crypt of NecroDancer

Crypt of NecroDancer

Brace Yourself Games developed this game. The game includes the basic elements of Roguelike Dungeon exploration game and has a great soundtrack written by Danny Baranowsky. This game is top-down 2D Dungeon Crawler have characters to explore several levels of generated Underground Dungeon. The game plot is set around Cadence and falls in a crypt controlled by Necro Dancer.
She fights in the crypt and actions in relevance with the beat of music and heart. She has to survive and defeat Necro Dancer.

5. Rogue Legacy

Rogue Legacy

This is a 2D action platformer released in 2013 by Cellar Door Games. The game has a whopping rating of 9 on both Steam and IGN. The gamers explore random generated Dungeon and try to defeat four bosses with four different unique environments. Characters have the ability to jump and slash with a sword with the additional magic attack.
This game has a fascination with the death and heir gets the gold. Each time gamer died, the kid takes charge and fight continues.

4. Nethack


It is time to delve in the 1980s for this amazing game. The gameplay is fantastic and confusing a bit which makes it interesting. The game is a descendant of game Hack released in 1985. The game was considerably improved. The gamers have to choose a character race and class and have to retrieve a special Amulet of Yendor in many random generated Dungeons.
The game has almost 50 primary levels which are randomly generated. The gamers have to go and up with several rooms linked with corridors. According to Salon “one of the finest gaming experiences the computer world have to offer”.

3. Ancient Domains of Mystery

Ancient Domains of Mystery

The game was released in 1994 and published by Thomas Biskup. This game plot takes place in the world of Ancardia and gamers have to fight against the evil forces of Chaos. The game received a great rating of 9/10 on Steam. The gamers have a choice of whether to go with the female or male character for a set of 12 races and 22 character classes. The experience levels, statistic, and skills come in play and handy for each character.
A good story and a lot of objects to use procedural Dungeons this game is ideal Roguelike game.

2. Spelunky

Spelunky game

Mossmouth, LLC developed the game. This is 2D platformer game. The game had great controls and impressive game play. The gamers take control of adventurer named Spelunky and gamers explored the underground tunnels in search of treasure. The items picked up can be used against the enemy with bombs and ropes to pass through caves. The game levels are randomly generated with primary four difficult areas.
The players must not lose hearts because if they get killed, they have to start from the beginning. The game received a great rating of 9/10 on Stream. The game was so much popular that later it was developed for Xbox 360.

1. Dwarf Fortress

Dwarf of Fortress

This is construction and management simulation Roguelike type game unique of its kind. The game was released in 2006. The game influenced the famous Mine Craft. This game has three primary modes takes place in the world created by players. The elements are randomly generated. The game is a colony of dwarves. The interesting thing about the game the gamers are free from objectives and given a free hand to interact with the environment and manage colony. This uniqueness adds it to best Roguelike games.
The game play is very deep and attracting for every type of gamer which makes it in the list of best Roguelike games. There is no end to game and difficulty of mastering takes place with time. The game is so popular that it is still receiving updates.


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