Best Kodi Skins 2017 [Best List]

Kodi as the open source media player application has carved out its own niche in the midst of heavy competitors. Kodi loyal users value its dynamic flexibility and easy handling. Kodi users value the importance of Kodi skins for better performance. Imagine your best music being played on the great Kodi skins that would be a win-win. 2017 has witnessed a lot of improvements in Kodi and up gradation is applauded by the fans of Kodi all over the world. Let’s check out on the top 10 best Kodi skins in 2017 and also check Kodi build.

Top Ten Best Kodi krypton Skins 2017

10. Confluence

Confluence Kodi Skin

This skin for Kodi is a default, but it has something great in store for its audience. One of the most elegant, stylish and clear skin available on Kodi 17. In a survey conducted 40% of the Kodi users preferred the default skin. This skin performs well on all the available platforms. It also runs on the Raspberry Pi. Confuence has all the balance features in it for the optimized experience.
It is quite lightweight in its size. Kodi users are at ease with an interface for navigating with easy and clear buttons and setting for a seamless experience.

9. Eminence

Eminence Kodi Skin

This Kodi skin brings great functionality, simplicity, and design coping with modern demands. The playlists and favorites can be added to the main home screen. This skin can be easily downloaded. Users can use its Git repository and get the better out of eminence.
Eminence is quite sober and provides smooth transitions. It is an alternative to HTPC. Kodi users with only a few clicks can engage in add-on experience. Calling Eminence a versatile skin depicts its great functionality.

8. Quartz

Quartz Kodi Skin

This skin is influenced by the interface designed for the Apple Tv. Quartz is simple and performed well on the Kodi. This skin is easily available and can be downloaded from official XBMC repo or Superrepo. Quartz Apple influenced interface is quite simple and user-friendly for the even the beginners. It features the latest activities on the home screen.
The author is Pecinko and for flexible and fast experience try Quartz. Quartz would live up to the expectations of ideal Kodi user.

7. Mimic

Mimic Kodi Skin

Mimic is basically hybrid of Aeon Nox and Refocus skins. It employs both these skin features to give a better solution. The Mimic is very highly responsive and easy to use the skin. Mimic works quite well on low devices. Mimic is available on the Official Kodi skin repository and can easily download from Kodi settings.

6. Ace

Ace Kodi Skin

Any skin being light weight is loved the Kodi users, and that goes for Ace. Ace is loaded with rich features, and the customization option can be used by users to mold the software according to their taste. The ace author is MarcosQui. Ace is not only lightweight but highly versatile skin that can work quite well with Tablets and HTPC.
Ace can be downloaded the Add-on manager inside the Kodi. Few clicks and Ace changes the mood and kills the boredom that is linked with constant usage of the same skin.

5. Refocus

ReFocus Kodi Skin

This skin deserves applause for offering the best customization options to Kodi users. Simply loaded with heavy features and easy to use controls Refocus is an excellent performer on Kodi skins arena. The author of Refocus is Jeroen. Refinement and consistency are the core traits of Refocus. It can be easily installed through the add-on manager within the Kodi program. Customization helps with getting rid of unwatched status indicators. The home menu is the most interesting page of this skin with clear controls for customers to start with Refocus experience.

4. Nebula

Nebula Kodi Skin

This Kodi skin just like Refocus comes with the many customization options. The items available for different pages help the users in getting the best out of the customization options. The efficiency is the core of Nebula, and it works best on HD TV screens. Time for great Hollywood movie requires Nebula to be part of your Kodi engine.
Nebula themes are light and dark. Customization and quality come in a package with Nebula. The automatic switching between the dark and light themes can adjust with the mood of the user for the particular entertainment. It is better to explore Nebula more to find out amazing unexplored customization options.

3. Amber

Amber Kodi Skin

This is very lightweight skin and authored by Pecinko. The interesting fact Amber allows its user to make home shelf vertical or horizontal by using the customization option. The skin works with all the notable devices. The features added to Amber gives high performance.
This highly responsive skin can be downloaded from official Kodi plugin repository. Amber also includes a touch support. This skin works well when users have lots of add-ons installed, and customers can easily replace the plugins when not required.

2. Black Glass Nova

Black Glass Nova Kodi skin

It includes a lot of customization features along with easy options to enjoy the experience. Customization is the key for successful Kodi skins, and this is quite evident in Black Glass Nova. This skin is best from all Kodi skins for HD TV screens. The author of this skin is Tgx. This skin is designed with the intention to make ease for the average user. It can be easily controlled through a remote or keyboard. Fan art is supported in every screen of this skin.
The standalone skin editor helps with all the editing for desired buttons on home and other pages. The resolution is high with 1280 x 720.

1. Aeon Nox

Aeon Nox Kodi skin

Amazing simple and light weight Aeon Nox has gained a lot of ground against other Kodi skins. There is no doubt this skin has some great strengths. The Aeon Nox helps with menu customization, library views and gives impressive looks. This skin runs smoothly on all the devices such as low devices like Amazon Firestick.
Text files within different screen which create exciting visuals. Its customization helps with changing the ribbon and boasting simple fancy buttons. The visualization is the main core of the Aeon Nox, and it can be easily switched by clicking in the top left corner through the menu. Aeon Nox balanced mixture with visualization, customization and high performance makes it secure 1st position among Kodi skins.

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