Best Kodi Music Addons of All Time [Best List]

Kodi is always a global name in the software world for the entertainment. Kodi well known for movies, TV shows, and proper video streaming software comes up with great features for music lovers. The music lovers get their delight through Kodi music apps. Kodi has a lot of music apps, and these apps are regularly updated to keep apex level of fun for the music lover. Kodi music addons come into play for updating these music apps to have the best benefit out of these Kodi music apps. Let’s take a look at the top 10 best Kodi music add ons.

Top Ten Best Music Addons for Kodi

10. You Music

You Music Kodi

Youtube is one of the most popular websites on the internet and comes up with a ton of awesome music. You Music addon help users to listen to best music from Youtube. This addon has great audio and video quality consisting of music sources of almost all genres. The author of this addon is Spanky. Some of the categories in You Music include popular music, top tracks, playlists and music of the week.
It can be easily installed through some simple steps. You Music is not an official Kodi music addon. Users can reach out

9. World Radio

Radios all over the world are popular with the best music. Since Kodi is an awesome platform for perfect entertainment. World Radio is here to bring the best music from all over the world. It has many good music streams with nice collection from Rnb/Hip Hop, Classic Rock, Alternative, 80/90s music. The addon is maintained by Mikey 1234 and works quite well.
The best and largest selection of radio stations from around the world makes World Radio a great Kodi music addon on the list.

8. Studio Beats

Studio Beats Kodi

The famous Money Sports released this addon. Studio Beats is a collection of old and new music favorites. This addon provides links to best DJ mixes. The smooth mixture of songs blended together over an hour charge up the entertainment. It is the best party music addon on Kodi. It has sections which include 90s music, 80s music, house music, live mixes and happy hardcore, etc.
Sound quality is great and mixes sounds are unique and professional. Studio beats install guide can be easily found on the internet. It is very simple to install.

7. One Drive

One Drive Kodi Addons

This addon plays all the media which include music, videos, and pictures from Microsoft OneDrive. Kodi users can manage a limited number of accounts in OneDrive music app for Kodi. The musical videos can be exported through the addon to Kodi music library. This addon also gives free music. The OneDrive author is Ddurdle, and it can be easily installed. This addon is released by to add-ons. Music and videos usage is made easy through OneDrive.

6. Google Play Music Addon

Google Play One Drive Kodi Music Addons

The Google Play Music addon is one of the best Kodi music addons for XBMC player. The latest version is 1.92, but it involves a subscription. Kodi users need to have Google Music account to use this addon. Once Kodi users have this account they can have access to around great list of 50K songs on Google Play Music Addon. The music lists are showed according to the search habits of a user.
Google Play Music Addon comes with great personalized recommendations. Easy to use and with better performance Google Play Music Addon is a must try.

5. Vevo

Vevo Kodi Music Addons

Kodi users are diverse in their taste, and for the classical music lovers Vevo is a treat. A great Kodi music addon for streaming the best classical music and videos. It allows users to download the music but with a limited number of countries on the list that can use this addon. This Kodi addon can be used from the Super Repo Repository. It is quite easy to install Vevo and guides are available on different platforms for users.
Vevo also helps in finding the music of favorite artists. The Kodi team supports the Vevo. The original shows and music from artists through Youtube will be provided through Vevo.

4. Jango

Jango Kodi Addons

This addon is unique with the feature that it provides social media to stations. Kodi users to use this addon have to sign up for a free account. The users can browse through a lot of playlists through the internet radio streaming website. It also allows the individual search for video or song. Another great part about Jango after installing this addon the history and favorite songs are sync with Jango.
The app can also come handy for playing phone through the music. This is best audio music addon for Kodi lovers.

3. Apple iTunes Podcasts

Apple iTunes Podcasts Kodi Addons

Thousands of free podcasts can be browsed through this addon. The Apple iTunes consisted of large playlists dividing sections which mainly include oldskool rave tape, old skool pirate radio sets, and podcasts mix tapes. This addon is also loaded with rave tunes, and music entertainment through several DJ’s is available.
Kodi users can manage their own “My Podcast” list through the context menu. This addon is available in the official Kodi repository which is supported by Kodi and officially installed.

2. Music Box

Music Box Kodi Addons

The best addon on Kodi to stream music from the media player. The Music box is loaded with a ton of different playlists to be played in the background. The songs can be searched from the other platforms as well through Music Box. The playlists contain music from popular platforms such as Billboard lists, iTunes top songs, and favorite music, etc. Users need to have an account on Vk the “Russian Facebook” to stream music from Vk.
The XBMC media source can be changed easily. This Kodi music addon can be depicted as users having Spotify premium without the cost making it one of the Kodi music addon.

1. MP3 Streams

MP3 Streams Kodi Music Addons

There is no doubt that this is the best addon in the list of Kodi music addons so far updated and introduced to the Kodi platform. It contains a lot of music contents from the famous iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music, etc. KINKIN delivers the audio addon for the Kodi XBMC media center. The users can add favorite playlists to the folder. The exciting feature about MP3 streams that it let users mix various songs that can be used for the party. The party is in your home at the weekend, and MP3 streams are there to provide best party music for perfect music experience.
MP3 streams let the user find music by artist, album or song. The addon can be found through Metal Kettle repo and can be easily installed by following simple installation guide. The 1000s music playlists loaded with great features make MP3 streams the best in a list of Kodi music addons.

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