Best Grass Type Pokemon [Strongest List]

There are many types of Pokemon having different weakness and strengths like a fire Pokemon which is strong against grass and ice Pokemon, Grass Pokemon which is strong against the ground and rock Pokemon, etc. Here top 10 grass Pokemon on their strengths and weaknesses, are discussed.

Ten Best Grass Type Pokemon

10. Ferrothorn

Ferrothorn Pokemon

Here at number ten, we have Ferrothorn. This Pokemon is outstanding for battling online. Ferrothorn is stunning as he can learn new moves. Some of its moves like an explosion, toxic, protect, hidden power, etc. make him an amazing challenger. As its defense stats are above 100 so it’s a fantastic choice that gives you time to take down an opponent in the slow and severe way. The Rocky Hat and Iron Barbs means that opponents are going to be in trouble and frustration as Ferrothorn will be healing itself in each round. Most grass weaknesses like poison, fly, ice, etc are hindered as he has steel typing.

9. Roserade

Roserade Pokemon

Number nine is Roserade, which is a speedy grass Pokemon. If it is used accurately, then it will simply push psychic and dragon users running away terribly. Roserade is an evolution to Rosella. It’s not much fast as it has special attack speed as 125 and base speed as 90 but it’s still capable of giving some good damage with the help of its speed. It has toxic and petal dance as superb natural learning moves and can still do great damage. Roserade is weak to fire, ice, flying. It can heal itself on each turn as it holds black sludge item.

8. Leafeon

Leafeon Pokemon

Leafeon is placed at number 8. To trigger its evolution, stone or happiness is not required. Simply you need to level up Eevee near Moss Rock, and you will get Leafeon. It has 525 as total base stats. For defense, it has 130 in stats, and for speed, it has 95 in stats. Its strongest natural ability is Leaf Blade. If a flying type is trying to use a fly against you, then a dig can easily save you, but first, it must learn Dig move.

7. Serperior

Serperior Pokemon

Here comes the Serperior at number 7. It is the final evolution of Snivy Line. It has base stats of 528 as well as it is a pure grass type. Serperior is not only semi-bulky, it’s one of the great advantages of it. It has 95 as defense stats and is speedy at 113. Serperior is weak to ice, bug, poison and fire. A poison move is the best move that it can learn. With the help of this move it can attack and defend itself at the same time and accuracy will always be there.

6. Chesnaught

Chesnaught Pokemon

At number 6 we have Chesnaught. It was introduced in generation 6. Chesnaught has a total base stat as 530. It is good in attack and defense with 107 and 122. Chesnaught has a big starter move, Overgrow. It can learn moves, and spiky shield is its best move that it can learn. It protects Chesnaught as well as gives damage to a foe. Spikes getup is another combo set to use. If it does not succeed then hammer arm and wood hammer are best to start.

5. Torterra

Torterra Pokemon

Torterra is at number fifth. It was introduced in generation 5th. The final evolution of Turtwig line is Torterra. It has combined base stat as 525. It has high defense stat as 105 and superb stat for attack as 109. Torterra has a great move Stab Earthquake. So it can be a nightmare for ice type and fire type because Stab Earthquake is not a joke and it will drive them running away. If you are challenging Torterra, then you must be wise enough to take it out quickly otherwise you are gone in a blink of an eye.

4. Mega Abomasnow

Mega Abomasnow Pokemon

Abomasnow was introduced in the 4th generation. It is weak to poison, steel, flying, rock, bug and 4x weak to fire. Abomasnow is the only Pokemon with snow warning. So you can gain an advantage with this and use wisely if you are battling online. In hailing case, Blizzard will be 100% accurate and if you want to double the power then use weather ball as it is ice type. Wood hammer will also be a great move for this grass Pokemon.

3. Shaymin

Shaymin Pokemon

Shaymin in Sky was introduced in the 4th generation. If you want to transform Shaymin from Land Forme to Sky Forme then between 5 am to 8 pm give the Gracidea flower to it. In Sky Forme, it is weak to poison, rock, fire and flying. Shaymin in Sky Forme has base stat from 600 to 100. It is speedy with a stat of 127 definitely which makes it faster than many ice types and great high stat for attack as well that is 120. In Sky Forme it has the capability to transform into Serene Grace, this will definitely increase the secondary effect of all moves.

2. Mega Venusaur

Mega Venusaur Pokemon

Mega Venusaur is at number 2. The final evolution of Bulbasaur line is Venusaur. One of the best features in Venusaur is that it has thick fat which means that ice and fire moves can cause only 50% damage to it. Venusaur has generic ability to Overgrow, and this turns into thick fat with mega evolution. It has combined base stat as 625 with 120 as a special defense and 122 as a special attack. A superb Stab move is petal dance. Along with that sludge bomb is also a great nightmare for the opponent. Some people are simply pissed off by its toxic move.

1. Mega Sceptile

Mega Sceptile Pokemon

Here comes the number one grass type Pokemon of all time. Sceptile was introduced in the third generation but got mega evolution in the sixth generation. It has 630 combined base stat, definitely highest base stat in the list with 145 as speed and 145 as the special attack. It draws all electric attacks to it in mega evolution form. This grass type is stunning against electric types. Leaf Storm as Stab move will make most challengers cry. Sceptile can simply tear its opponent within seconds if used with a little bit care.


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