Best Flying Type Pokemon [Strongest List]

Pokemon is of different types like Grass Pokemon, Fire Pokemon, and flying Pokemon, etc. The Pokemon population has 13% of Flying Pokémon. So this means that there are almost 93 Pokemon belonging to flying Pokemon. As there are a lot of Pokemon in this category, hence it is tough to make a Pokemon team without including flying Pokemon. So, flying Pokemon qualities make them a definite part of any professional team. Here is a list of top 10 most popular Flying Pokemon with weakness and strengths.

Ten Best Flying Type Pokemon of All Time

10. Gyarados

Shiny Gyarados

At number ten Gyarados is placed. Gyarados is a first generation strongest Pokemon. It resembles Chinese dragon that’s why it is water flying type. It has 125 in the stat as an attack, for speed having 81 in stat and has 100 in a stat for special defense but for the special base attack, it has only 60 in the stat. The main attack of Gyarados is a hyper beam. It has weakness in electricity, but still, it is bulky and can massively cut opponents damage. When Gyarados start beating other Pokemon, then you may say it becomes wild. Its attack goes up as it beats the first Pokemon then attack goes more up as it beats second then same for third and onwards. Then turning the extra attack into more power, Gyarados mega evolves. But Gyarados can’t fly after mega evolution.

9. Staraptor

Staraptor Pokemon

Here comes Staraptor at number nine. Staraptor is a fourth generation Pokemon. It is a potential high-speed killer. It has 120 in a stat for its base attack and 100 as base speed. Staraptor has awesome style meant even to destroy walls. It can learn Whirlwind. Staraptor has ability Close Combat. This ability makes it dissimilar from other birds, and this also provides excellent coverage against a rock, ice and sometimes even steel type. You can set its best move to close combat then return it then the brave bird and finally it’s time to finish by U-turn creating a glass cannon.

8. Dragonite

Dragonite Pokemon

We have Dragonite at number eight dragon type pokemon. Dragonite is a Pokémon of the first generation. It has 134 in a stat for the base attack, so this allows it to break through walls and destroy the whole team without much effort. Dragonite has high speed even more than a bullet train. It is weak to ice types. Dragonite can learn Flame Thrower and can easily compete with ice types and knock them out. Dragonite has some good moves like Dragon Dance and Multiscale ability. It can be a nightmare for opponents but be careful if your opponent has a fairy.

7. Tornadus-Therian

Tornadus-Therian Pokemon

At number seventh we have Tornadus-Therian. Tornadus-T is a fifth generation Pokemon having 641 as a Pokedex number. It is a pure flying type Pokemon. Tornadus-T can cause severe storms by releasing massive energy from its tail. It has great power that it can even blow houses away. It can strike hard with its moves like U-turn and Hurricane. It has 121 in a stat for its base speed. It is a good Pokemon that can deal with the damage. It is weak to rock type.

6. Mega Pinsir

Mega Pinsir Pokemon

Mega Pinsir is at number Sixth. It is a first generation Pokemon. It has 127 as a Pokedex number. In Mega form, it has got superb speed. Pinsir in mega form has a deadly base attack with 155 in the stat. Using quick attack with Swords Dance and Aerilate, it can hit many fast opponents like Mega Sceptile, Mega Gallade, etc. Pinsir has a great combination of speed and power so the player can attack with speed or can attack his opponents more hardly. Pinsir is weak to Stealth Rock even in its mega form also.

5. Landorus

Landorus Pokemon

Here at number five, we have Landorus. Landorus is a fifth generation Pokemon and has 645 as a Pokedex number. Landorus is also known as Abundance Pokemon. It has 125 in a stat for its base attack, for defense it has 90 in stat and 101 in the stat as base speed. It is equipped with two major abilities Life Orb and Sheer Force. It can give great damage to an opponent by its Earth’s power. It can neutralize Stealth Rock, and that’s its great positive point. Due to its base speed, it can get a shot on many strong opponents like Rayquaza, Primal Kyogre, etc.

4. Mega Charizard Y

Mega Charizard Y Pokemon

Down to number four we have Mega Charizard Y. It is a first generation Pokemon with 6 as a Pokedex number. It has 159 in stats for special attack and 115 in the stat as a special defense. It is evolved from Charizard. It is weak to Rock, Electric, and water. As it has great special attack stat, so it is definitely a wall breaker. It has ability Drought, through which it can boost fire blast, and this one move is enough to bring the opponent down. It can easily face water types by Solar Beam and Roost move.

Charmander to Charmeleon to Charizard Pokemon Evolution

Charmander > Charmeleon > Charizard Pokemon Evolution

3. Lugia

Lugia Pokemon

Lugia is at number three. It is a second generation Pokemon. It can act as an enormous blue and white wall that can eventually halt the opponents. It has a special defense as 154 and has 130 in a stat for base defense. It is also known as Diving Pokemon. Lugia has a Multi-ability scale, so its health rarely budges. It has 90 is a stat for attack and 90 for special attack. It has some good moves like Thunder Wave and Dragon tale etc.

2. Rayquaza

Rayquaza Pokemon

Rayquaza is a third generation Pokemon. Its Pokedex number is 384. It is a legendary Pokémon in the case of competitive play. It has 180 in a stat for special attack and same for base attack as well. It can break through walls massively. It has an ability dragon ascent through which most walls broke with only two hits, but some like Multiscale Lugia can withstand more than two.

1. Mega Salamence

Mega Salamence Pokemon

Here at number One, we have Mega Salamence. It is a third generation Strongest Pokemon. It has a 120 in a stat for base speed and 145 in a stat for the base attack. Mega Salamence becomes more powerful when base speed and base attack combines. Salamence can compete with an opponent for a long time that means it can stay in the fight for long. It is weak to ice, can cause 4x damage to it. Opponents are really afraid of Mega Salamence, and it can be a nightmare for challengers.


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