Fastest Motorcycles in GTA 5 [Best List]

It is time to roam around the city in the dashing motorcycles with Grand Theft Auto. This game truly instills gamers with fun and excitement to roam around the roads. Gamers have a lot of awesome machines to try. Dashing motorcycles charges the sensation level. Grand Theft Auto V features one of the best bikes in the Grand Theft series. GTA 5 motorcycles are the apex sophisticated rocking machines in the game series. Driving across various roads with a third person view is amazing. Let’s race your hearts to find out the top 10 best fastest GTA V motorcycles and GTA fastest Cars.

Top 10 Best GTA 5 Fastest Motorcycles

10. Rat Bike

rat bike gta 5

The GTA 5 motorcycles are a real delight for gamers in the game. This bike never appeared in the previous versions of Grand Theft Auto. The bike is from the Western Motorcycle company. The bike is developed by the developers based on real Harley Davidson KKF 14. This bike body consists of the big V-twin engine. Rat bike features a broken glass on the speedometer to give a different look.
The bike is overall good but with inferior turning radius. The bike has a speed 130km/h with 180 kg. The price for the motorcycle is $48000.

9. Cliffhanger

Cliffhanger gta 5

It is rally type motorcycle with the price of $225,000 on Southern San Andreas Super Autos. This bike has chopper like appearance and equipped with rugged tires. The bike is great for competing in the races and with smooth handling. The wheeling can be done at high speed without any issue.
Additional stuff can be purchased or unmounts on Cliffhanger. It is based on Harley-Davidson XR-750. The game has the speed of 124.8 mph.

8. Ruffian

Ruffian Gta 5

Pegassi manufactures the Ruffian, and the design is based on “Ducati Monster”. The bike is worth around $10000, and it resembles famous Akuma. It is roadster bike style with a speed of 122.3 mph.
The bike is very versatile and quite quick. Ruffian has two large bulbs which differ it from Akuma. The bike can have extra mods including amazing turbo and front forks. The bike can be seen Vinewood, and it is normally street fighter variant that features in the game.

7. Gargoyle

Gargoyle gta

This bike is very classy based on the 1928 Indian 101 Scout. This bike can be purchased for $120,000 from Western Motorcycle Company. The body style of the bike is Rally converted hill climber.
The bike resembles Hexer and has the same type of handling and braking performance. The bike has a great firing sound with a large V-Twin engine model. This bike also features classy chains around its wheels. The bike has the speed of 125 mph, and it is legendary.

6. Carbon RS

Carbon RS gta

This bike is unique in terms of availability only to those gamers who have purchased the Collector’s Edition of the game. The bike design is influenced by EBR 1190 RS and Ducatti 1199. The bike gets its name carbon because the whole body is made from Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP). Nagasaki launches the bike.
The bike is very light weight due to carbon polymer, and it is considered legendary among GTA fans. This bike has the speed of 124.3 mph. The bike is available for $40000.

5. Shitzu Hakuchou Drag

Shitzu Hakuchou Drag Grand Theft auto

This bike is awesome for long races. This bike was featured in multiple Grand Theft games. The bike is based on the 2008 Suzuki Hayabusa. The bike is similar to NRG 900. This bike can be purchased for $82000. The bike performance is great, and it can get very high speed in short time due to its powerful engine.
Handling at high speed or on highway Hakuchou is perfect. The bike speed is 126.5. Hakuchou with front wheel up can accelerate at very high speed. The heavy weight helps with gaining momentum. This bike is top notch for GTA lovers.

4. BF 400

BF 400 gta

Nagasaki manufactures this bike with the price of $95000. The bike is based on the model of Honda CB400, and its slimmer design and thin wheels make its design elegant. The bike is available in three different designs. The covered version with frontal fairing, half front fairing with covered version and street fighter variant with no frontal fairing.
The less bike weight and great speed of 127 mph make it quite easy to handle for gamers. It has a single cylinder engine, and it resembles PCJ-600.

3. Shotaro

Shotaro Gta Bike

Nagasaki develops this bike, and it is available for a whopping price of $2,225,000 because it is considered legendary. The bike designs are based on Lotus C-01. The bike has distinct start sound and secondary color which glows mostly at night. This bike is a real competitor with top speed and high acceleration.
The bike has great speed of 126.5 mph. The bike appearance is quite futuristic and resembles with Kaneda’s bike. This bike is exquisite design is excellent.

2. Shitzu Hakuchou

Shitzu Hakuchou Gta Motorcycle

This bike not to be confused with Hakuchou Drag. This bike resembles Hakuchou and Double T Custom. The bike body features a stitched skin. The bike is available for $976,000. This bike is perfect for drag races, and its powerful 1300 cc engine gives optimum performance and speed of 131 mph. The handling and speed are greatly improved from Hakuchou.
The bike is quite aesthetic in nature in comparison to other GTA 5 motorcycles. Racing this bike on the road with third person view makes it worth watching.

1.Bati 801

Bati 801 gta motor cycle

This sports bike is the fastest among other GTA 5 motorcycles with the top speed of 131.5 mph. The front wheel once up gives bike high speed against competitors. Pegassi develops it. The bike has a cooled 1000cc engine with 6-speed gearbox. It is the perfect mix of weight and speed.
This bike can reach from 0 to 80 mph in 2.3 seconds only. The game features lime green and light orange Bati 800. The bike is very affordable at $10000. It is quite similar to Carbon RS which had a great light weight as compared to other GTA 5 motorcycles. The bike is influenced from Ducatti 848 and 1098. This bike secures the first position on the list, and no doubt intensifies the gaming experience in GTA 5.


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