Best Electric Type Pokemon [Strongest List]

Pokemon is a world famous cartoon series. These cartoons have also inspired a series of games as well. When playing the amazing Pokemon games, you get a chance to choose from an array of amazing Pokemon characters. Recently, electric Pokemon characters were introduced and became an instant hit among the people. The electric type Pokemon are an amazing Pokemon to engage in battle. These Pokemon are very popular not only because of their attractive and electrifying looks but also the superior power for the fight that they possess. The most prominent power that these Pokemon possess is to shock, stun and paralyze the opponents on the battlefield. With such immense popularity, it is only obvious that the creators have launched a wide array of characters to attract people. In this review, we talk about the 10 best electric Pokemon to make a choice easier for you!

Ten Best Electric Pokemon List

The following are the top best 10 Pokemon that you will find in the markets these days.

10. Magnezone

Magnezone Pokemon

Magnezone is one of the most popular electric type Pokemon because it is blessed with more than 11 resistance powers. This is the maximum number that any electric type Pokemon is blessed with. This Pokemon also plays to clean sweep the game in one go. Hence, if you are looking for a Pokemon that will play well throughout the game; Magnezone is definitely a top choice for you.

9. Zapdos

Zapdos Pokemon

This electric type Pokemon made its debut in the Pokemon movie 2000. Zapdos is capable of fighting against bulk enemies in one go. This Pokemon is best to play within battles because it will utilize all its energy and powers to fight but will never fall into bad health. The pressure that it can bear makes it a very popular and top choice of electric Pokemon to play with. Another highlight of this electric type Pokemon is its power to handle a lot of pressure and sustain a stable position in the long run. It stays in high energy and health while tackling a lot of hurdles on the way.

8. Jolteon

Jolteon Pokemon

Jolteon looks like a little pony as far as its appearance is concerned. However, this Pokemon is blessed with threatening thunder powers. It launches thunder attacks and moves with a combined speed of 130 mph as well. This electric type Pokemon is the top choice for people who wish to play in teams. In a pair or team with other companions, Jolteon is able to perform amazingly well. Hence, this character is definitely a great electric Pokemon to play with.

7. Luxray

Luxray Pokemon

Luxray is a very visually attractive Pokemon. It has a very shiny Pokemon and glossy body. This makes the Pokemon very interesting to play with and attracts a lot of people. However, there are many other qualities of this electric type Pokemon other than its amazing looks. We talk about the ability of the Luxray to break through solids walls. Hence, you do not even have to worry about getting through obstacles with this one. It will easily pass through all obstacles and hurdles and succeed in the long run. However, the one thing that Luxray struggles with is speed. It finds it a little difficult to control its speed, and this can give an edge to the opposite players over it.

6. Raikou

Raikou Pokemon

If you think Raikou is a very cute looking electric Pokemon, we ask you to think again! This one is blessed with the most amazing combination powers of all. High speed, capable of launching deadly attacks and brings tools into brilliant use; this Pokemon is definitely a top choice to bring down evil enemies! The biggest highlight of Raikou is its ability to manage the power of increased pressures that is placed on its shoulders.

5. Thundurus

Thundurus Pokemon

Thundurus is most popular Pokemon because it is known for playing supremely well in competitions. Hence, of you are searching for an electric Pokemon that will play amazingly in tournaments; you have to place your trust in Thundurus. Another highlight trait is the power of Thundurus to be able to use tools to fight.

4. Mega Amphorus

Mega Amphorus Pokemon

Electric type Pokemon are most famous for their electrifying looks, but the case is a little different for this one. Mega amphorus is the cutest little Pokemon you will find out there. This little champ operates on the speed of lightening. It is near to impossible to even set eyes on this one because of its supreme high speed.

3. Mega Manectric

Mega Manectric Pokemon

Mega Manectric is one of the largest electric Pokemon in size out there. This Pokemon is most stable and can hold its position for the longest time period. This stability also gives it the chance to jump and overcome hurdles and great patches. With the highest momentum, the Mega Manectric Pokemon has a speed that is unmatched, but stability offers it the chance to come to an immediate halt when needed as well. All in all, this mega Pokemon is definitely worthy to be amongst the top slots of the best review.

2. Electivire

Electivire Pokemon

Electivire is one of the most popular Pokemon. This character is blessed with two superficial abilities; it acts as a speed booster and is also able to paralyze the enemy in one position. Moreover, there are many other things other than the super abilities of this Pokemon that make it such a favorite for people. One of the biggest attractions is its attractive looks! It is also regarded as one of the most free and versatile Pokemon of all.

1. Zekrom

Zekrom Pokemon

Zekrom is an electric type Pokemon that ranks on the top position. A big reason why this Pokemon is number 1 is because it is capable of launching around 150 attacks within a matter of seconds of its entry. Zekrom is considered to be the top choice to take revenge from the opposite players. This character has all the powerful traits to win over all evil forces and is 100% immune to shock attacks. Zekrom also makes frequent appearances in the anime episodes.


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