Best Dragon Type Pokemon [Strongest List]

The Pokemon universe got frenzy when it comes to dragon Pokemon. Dragons hold a specific place in mythology and stories. Pokemon series have witnessed an amazing number of strongest dragon Pokémon catching the excitement of Pokemon fans in the whole world. The fire splash of Charizard, Zekrom electric shocks and much more were adored and loved by fans in all series of Pokemon. Dragons Pokemon with their superior offensive capabilities holds a stronger punch against rest of Pokemon competitors. Pokemon includes a diverse number of dragon Pokemon from the domain of air, sea, and water.
This article list down the top 10 best dragon Pokemon in Pokemon universe.

Ten Best Dragon Type Pokemon of All Time

10. Latios

Latios Pokemon

Latios is same like Latias with better striking capability and speed. This dragon Pokemon possesses high intelligence and cute character. Latios have the ability to do “Sight Sharing” that depicts its intelligence. Latios are also capable of understanding the human way of communication.
In Pokemon series, Latios sacrificed itself to protect a city of Alto Mare. Latios shape seems like a jet, and it has a high level of speed. Latios special move is “Luster Purge” used by Latios in weakening the competitor Pokemon special defense.

9. Dragonite

Dragonite Pokemon

Dragonite is Most Popular dragon Pokemon. It has appeared widely in Pokemon series. Dragonite is the fist ever Pokemon of the series. The cute dragon can fly despite its hefty size. It is very powerful Pokemon with weakness to rock and ice attacks.
Dragonite is known for helping. It constantly flies between sea and land and rescues drowning people. Dragonite Dragon Rage is famous among fans. This adorable dragon from generation 1 is a must for every Pokemon fan.

8. Kyurem

Kyurem Pokemon

Kyurem is ice dragon type. Kyurem ability to change it forms is a threat to other competitors. Kyurem can attain power from the presence of Reshiram and Zekrom.
Kyurem metallic wings haunt the enemies. Kyurem signatures moves include cold flare, Glaciate and freeze bolt. Kyurem due to its metallic nature reduces the power of water and cold attacks. Kyurem the iron dragon have a base total of 660 which makes it eligible for rank no 8.

7. Palkia

Palkia Pokemon

Palkia controls the space. The awesome beast with fierce sound frightens the enemy. Palkia being part of a team gives team critical punch against the enemy. Palkia resembles with Dialga which controls the time.
Palkia main strength is its ability to distort space. Palkia is quite fast and reaches destinations in very short period.

6. Reshiram

Reshiram Pokemon

Reshiram is quite interesting dragon Pokémon from a learning perspective. Reshiram can even learn the blue flare which is lethal fire attack. Reshiram can be called the true dragon because it also learns dragon pulse, dragon claw and dragon meteor that makes it a beast.
It is said when Reshiram spews flares the heat energy generated changes the weather drastically. Reshiram tail generates extensive air flares and burns everything in its sight. Reshiram best move is “Turboblaze”.

5. Dialga

Dialga Pokemon

The Dialga is the iron dragon with the best defense against all the other dragon types. Dialga best ability is to control time. The control of time allows it to reduce the effectiveness of enemy attack and gain an advantage over them. Dialga special move is “Roar of time”.
The Pokemon God Arceus created Dialga. The wings on Dialga body help in focusing on the time. Dialga have one immunity and nine types of resistance making it very powerful Pokemon. Dialga is the perfect combination of steel and dragon. The strength is explicitly seen throughout Pokemon series.

4. Zygarde

Zygarde Pokemon

On number 4 comes Zygarde the green monster. Zygarde is an awesome guard dog. Zygarde the ground Pokemon have the impressive capability of transforming into five type of shapes. Snake, Dog, cell, core and its complete form. Earthquake is most effective move. It caused fear in the enemy with massive, frightening earthquake.
Zygarde moves include a thousand arrows, thousand waves, land’s wrath and core enforcer. Zygarde forms mentioned above includes the complete form which can shape it in a huge monster with wings and claws.

3. Giratina

Giratina Pokemon

The massive Giratina looks like an insect with many legs. It can travel from one dimension to other very quickly. It controls the reverse world and haunts other with its spooky character. The best move of Giratina is “Shadow Force” as obvious from the name Giratina disappears and appear suddenly near an enemy to make a striking below.
Giratina tops the list for being the heaviest dragon. Giratina is also called as the “Devil of Pokemon world”. In Pokemon series, the Arceus Pokemon God itself destroyed it and put it into eternity forever.
The Giratina power is unparallel to any other Pokemon. It also comes with high defensive power. Giratina carried out a lot of violence and later on finished forever by Arceus as mentioned above. The history of Pokemon series is incomplete without Giratina.

2. Zekrom

Zekrom Pokemon

Zekrom the electric Pokemon dragon comes at number 2nd with splashing electric charges at enemies. Zekrom consists of awesome good moves. It is easy to handle, and bad mood of Zekrom can put the whole world into storms.
Zekrom tail generates electricity and anti-gravity field. Zekrom Fusion bolt and bolt strikes finish the enemy. Being completely dark it causes huge thunders and storms in the Pokemon world. Zekrom also hides very well within storms and strikes pray with thunderbolts.
Zekrom if combined with Reshiram the power doubles, and gives any team with the lethal capability to knock out the enemy.

1. Rayquaza

Rayquaza Pokemon

Rayquaza the air monster flies very high above the ground in space. This lethal prey once on attack eats anyone and anything. Rayquaza have a top base score of 680 in Pokemon database. Rayquaza appearance can be quite intimidating. Arceus is the only thing that can survive against this beast.

Mega Rayquaza is a beat that can give the worst nightmares to enemies. Rayquaza can control the stormy weather. Rayquaza flies within the ozone layer and never seen by any human. It guards the air, and green exterior of this monster is adored by fans. Rayquaza can totally destroy any Pokemon with all famous dragon moves such as dragon claw or dragon rage etc.

Rayquaza has calmed Groudon and Kyogre and defeated both. The beast has also defeated famous Deoxix. The strength is so much high that this monster is banned from some competitions. Rayquaza the green dragon Pokemon beast loved by million across the world takes place no 1 on this list.
All these strongest dragon Pokémon are an adorable, deadly and critical ingredient of Pokemon universe. Latios to Rayquaza dragons provide the best entertainment and are top notch legendary Pokemon.


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