Top 7 Best Cheapest Cars in the World

Who doesn’t love cars? Not only are they fast and awesome but are also very important for the ease of traveling from one place to another. There is though the option of public transportation for everybody, but it is not the best choice as it is very time-consuming and tiring. Therefore having a personal car to commute between places on a daily basis is a necessity these days.

Everybody loves cars, and there is no doubt a wide range of cars that are available for people to buy and indulge in. But it is not possible to afford beautiful cars all the time. Cars can be very costly, and it is absolutely impossible for everyone to afford the same range of cars. There are times when you have to settle for a less expensive option. In this article, we bring you the 7 cheapest cars in the world right now. Explore your options and choose well!

Top Cheap Cars Brands in the World

1 – Tata Nano

Tata Nano

Tata Motors is a car manufacturing company that is based in India. This car company is popularly known for making the cheapest car in the world. Every time the company announces a new car the expectation of the people is immediate to get a fantastic performing car at the most reasonable price and Tata Motors always delivers.

Tata Nano is the latest model car that is in the markets and it is one of the cheapest cars the world has ever seen that performs so exceptionally well. The car has the multi-fuel engine and runs at 150 Kilometers per hour speed.

2 – Geely MR

Geely MR car

One of the cheapest cars that are currently on sale in the international market is the Geely MR. This car is manufactured by a Chinese company and is making people ‘wow’ all over the world because of its affordable price range.

The car is reasonably sized, enough to accommodate five people at a given point of time. Currently, the car retails internationally at a modest 5500 USD. This is one of the lowest prices you get for a car like this.

3 – Fiat Palio

Fiat Palio

The Fiat Palio is one such car that is getting very popular especially in countries of the Middle East and South Asia. The car is manufactured in Brazil. A 5-door hatchback model car that comes in a variety of color options i.e. red, black, silver, gray, white, purple and blue – this car has it all. It is very low in price but looks like a very expensive one. It is even bigger in its size which actually makes it look much beyond its original worth in the market.

4 – Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki

If there is one car that has been a hot favorite for people over the past several years because of its high performance and low price it is the “Suzuki” car models. The latest model of the Maruti Suzuki is Maruti Suzuki 800. This car, Indian-based, is the best and the reliable most option you get in such a restricted price range. The car has a 750+ CC engine and is equipped with high-quality inbuilt equipment including a 5 door hatchback.

The car looks a very refined and modern version of all its previous models. By the look of the car, it appears very spacious and enough to make a comfortable ride. The speed of the car can be manually controlled and shifted between a 4 gear and 5 gears. However, this is definitely a thumb up in the lowest price range of cars that is currently available these days.

5 – Hyundai I10

Hyundai I10

The Hyundai I10 is the revised version of the original Hyundai that was released back in the year 2007. After almost a decade Hyundai has released a revised and much cheaper version of the previous Hyundai. The new Hyundai I10 has all the highlight features that were there in the original version and is only better than the original. The only very evident and noticeable difference is in the price range of the car.

The car retails now at a much lower cost which in turn is attracting a larger number of people all around the world. The car is huge in size and has a 5 door hatchback. Also on the upside and a major attraction of this model the car has the option to shift between automatic and manual gear manually.

So you actually don’t have to worry about not knowing how to drive manually or automatically because the car gives you the option to make a choice for every ride you make. It is definitely enough to make and keep the entire family happy for a very long time in a very affordable price range.

6 – Tata Indica

Tata Indica

With the brand new Tata Indica, Tata Motors is at it again! They are offering the maximum quality, style, and power in a well-built car at the most affordable price that shocks everyone! Retailing worldwide at a modest 8000 US dollars this car model has it all that you look for.

On a checklist, you can tick all the boxes for style, performance, space, comfort, quality, reliability and most importantly price! This car is released all over the world but is most popular in its home country India where people look for comfortable and affordable transportation all the time. The car is hands down the best investment you can make this year!

7 – Jiangnan Alto

Jiangnam Alto

After the Jiangnan Puro won millions of hearts all over the world, the car manufacturers are back again. This time, they are offering theJiangnan Alto which the company claims are the perfect investment of your money. In a low price, this car is dubbed as the ‘luxury’ option you can get in a time like today. The car has a very high-speed engine which ensures the perfect efficiency of the car. The car retails for an unbelievable 3200 USD!


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