15 Best Warframes that You Can Use

Warframe is one of the best free to play games out today. It is a third person action based game with hack and slash mechanics. It is an online game which allows you to team up with a number of players. What started as a simple game in 2013 is now a very successful and popular game. The game has characters called Warframes also called by the player as space ninjas as they look robotic but are actually organic.

You don’t need to pay for the game and even if you don’t spend a single cent on it, you can get all the game content. You can get a little boost when you pay meaning that you can buy items and Warframes without grinding. The other thing is that you can buy more Warframe slots with real money. You only start off with four slots with one being taken by your starting Warframe. There are currently 34 Warframes (not including variations) that you can farm and get. If you’re not sure which ones to get then our list will help you with that with 15 of the best Warframes that you can use.

We’re not saying that the other Warframes are bad but you may need help building up your squad. One other thing is that even if you have distinct play styles, you can modify your Warframe to the style that you like to some extent. Plus you shouldn’t be worried too much about patch updates, because unless they overhaul a Warframe unit then it is pretty much the same but maybe needs some tweaking.

15) Vauban

Let us start first with a fun Warframe and that’s what you may want to go for which is fun. Vauban is a Warframe that is good when it comes to crowd control and area damage. Vauban falls into a weird category when it comes to his attributes. He has average armor and health but has good power and shield. The energy attribute for Vauban is very high which allows him to use his abilities. Vauban wouldn’t be considered as a user friendly Warframe which is why it is ideal to get him later unless you really want him.

Playing Vauban can be tricky and he can do a lot of tricks. Bastille and Vortex are abilities that help deal damage in areas with the former being able to suspend an enemy in mid air. Mine Layer is an ability that allows him to plant mines with varying effects. The Tesla is an interesting ability and can be used for fun. Tesla can be placed on the ground, on the ceiling and anywhere where it has a surface. Tesla can damage enemies so placing it strategically allows the player to funnel out and kill waves of enemies with ease. Building Vauban is a challenge in itself.

There are those that rather build energy on him and use weapons that have a lot of damage. The downside to Vauban is getting his parts because the come up at random alert missions so you need to be aware when these missions happen. Vauban also has a Prime variation recently released.

14) Equinox

Equinox has an interesting mechanic where she can switch between a day (white) and night (black) form. Basically, she can play two different styles being a nuker (day) or support (night). You can basically play Equinox as a solo Warframe or one with a party. She is perfect to have as she is like two Warframes rolled into one. Her attributes are pretty much balance with her health, armor, and shield initially sitting at 100. Her power and speed are slightly just above that. Building Equinox can be tricky because you can choose to balance her out or boost her day or night form depending on how you play. The good thing is that you can just switch her build every now and then.

This goes with her arsenal as well which makes it better. Her abilities have varying effects depending on which form she is using. Rest & Rage’s effect in night form puts the enemies to sleep and in day form enrages enemies making them take more damage. Her first ability is Metamorphosis which basically just allows her to change between her night and day form. Pacify & Provoke’s effect in night form releases an aura which decreases enemies’ attacks and the day form improves allies’ attacks. Mend & Maim’s effect in night form which regenerates allies’ shields over time and in day form it deals over time damage to nearby enemies.

Equinox is good but the hard thing is gathering her parts. We mentioned you get two Warframes in one which is why you need to find 8 parts for her (4 for each of her forms). You can also get them at Uranus from Tyl Regor. If you want to start a mission in day form then use light colored energy and darker colored energy to start off in night form.

13) Excalibur

Excalibur is one of the starting Warframes that the players can choose from. He specializes in using sword type melee weapons and its stats are overall balanced. He has a good starting armor, health, shield, energy, and speed.

The problem, of course, is that unless the player adds and changes mods, Excalibur is pretty much plain and won’t excel in a field. The abilities the Excalibur has allows it to fight in melee and mid-range distances. This is the good thing about Excalibur because if you’re a new player then you can choose him. You can adjust him to play your way like enhancing the melee aspect with mods and using its abilities like Exalted Blade.

He also has abilities that allow him to fight at a medium range like Radial Blind and Radial Javelin. The first ability he has is Slash and Dash that allows him to engage and escape fights. You can get the parts for Excalibur (assuming you didn’t choose it at the start) from Lieutenant Lech Kril who is a boss on Mars and Ceres. Excalibur is also the only Warframe as of now to have two variations being the Prime and Umbra although the latter has yet to be released worldwide.

12) Rhino

Rhino back in the early days of Warframe was considered a basic yet reliable tank. That hasn’t changed even today as Rhino remains one of the tankiest Warframes. Rhino may not have the highest base armor, his abilities pretty much sync up which makes him really tanky. He also has good energy, health, and a suitable shield. His speed is a bit slow and he is one of the slowest Warframes in the game. He does rely on being hard and deal out some good damage while being alive. Rhino has good abilities to go with his build. Rhino Charge allows him to allows him to dash in a forward direction.

Any enemies caught in the Charge will be damaged and blown away unless they are killed. Iron Skin is a buff for Rhino where it increases his defense and grants temporary status effects. Roar grants Rhino and nearby allies an increase in attack. Then finally Rhino Stomp is an area attack that damages enemies and temporary suspend them in midair where they are open to attacks. Players can do cool combos with Rhino’s abilities.

Like using Rhino Stomp and then followed up by Rhino Charge as they are suspended in midair and this is good when Rhino is under the effect of Iron Skin for added effects. It is best to boost Rhino’s defensive properties making him tankier. Rhino also has a Prime variation and you can farm his parts from Jackal in Venus.

11) Loki

This Warframe is named after the trickster god and that’s what he specializes in which is being deceitful. Loki is able to confuse and trick enemies on the battlefield. His starting attributes include having low armor with average health and shield. His strengths lie with his power being high and his speed being one of the fastest in the game. Loki would be effective in the hands of advanced players but you don’t necessarily have to be an expert to play him. Decoy plants a clone of Loki and Switch Teleport allows Loki to switch with other enemies, players, and the Decoy itself.

Invisibility allows Loki to hide from plain sight. Loki can also attack while under Invisibility which is very neat. Invisibility also allows Loki to exit battle and run to safety for the time being. Radial Disarm removes the enemies’ range weapons which let the enemy rely on melee combat and some enemies are bad at it.

When building Loki, it is best to increase his energy and a lot of his abilities with extension mods. Loki’s parts can be farmed from the Hyena Pack who are bosses from Neptune. Loki also has a Prime variation and was at one time one of the starting Warframes players can choose from but no longer at this moment.

10) Valkyr

While most Warframes don’t have a voice (at least not presented in the game) Valkyr’s voice is very audible. She is considered as a berserker, she deals a lot of damage and sacrifices defense from time to time. She has extremely high starting armor which is around 600. Her speed and power are also good making her very suitable for high-speed melee combat. She does have average health and energy but a very low shield. Her suggested weapons are rapid-fire guns and any dual wield weapons.

Valkyr is very mobile allowing her to zip in and out of fights as well as deal with a crowd of enemies even if she is on her own. Her ability Rip Line allows her to zip into high places or engage enemies. Think of her as a Spider-Man type when she can stick that Rip Line on ceilings and walls and go to it. Her other abilities are Warcry where it increases attack speed of allies and decreases enemy speed and Paralysis which stuns enemies for a short period of time.

Then finally Hysteria depletes all of her shield to stun and damage all nearby enemies. Sacrifice her shield so don’t upgrade it with mods as her armor is good enough. Enemies that are stunned can be easily demolished by Valkyr’s melee attacks with the right buffs. She is tanky and speedy as well as being able to deal a lot of damage which is good. She also has a Prime variation and you can get her parts from Alad V from Jupiter.

09) Gara

Gara is a Warframe that specializes on a glass mechanic. Technically they aren’t glass but they do look and function like glass but they are called adamantine shards. Despite using glass, Gara is a bit tanky so to speak having good starting armor. Her health, shield, power, and speed are pretty much average. Basically, she isn’t a glass cannon because she also has good attack power and a lot of her abilities are area oriented so she is also good when it comes to crowd control. She can zone out enemies and eliminate them with ease. Shattered Lash is basically a straightforward range ability.

Splinter Storm’s first effect deals damage to enemies caught in the cloud and the other effect is that it improves ally defense when they get in contact with the cloud. Spectrorage is an ability that encases enemies where it forces them to shoot the mirrors and breaking these mirrors deal damage to the enemies. Mass Vitrify is an awesome skill where Gara creates a large zoning glass that keeps enemies out and keeps those inside from getting out.

Breaking Mass Vitrify can be done with Shattered Lash and any enemies in range will be struck with the glass shards flying off. Currently, Gara is one of the best Waframes for the Plains of Eidolon (open world area) with her zoning and area abilities. The fact that future open world expansions will be added will make Gara a more valuable Warframe to your collection.

08) Limbo

Limbo is the type of Warframe that can be used as a good support but some players tend to use him to troll the team. Then again he is very useful when it comes to his abilities. Limbo specializes in using the other dimension on the field. He can transfer himself, allies or enemies to the other dimension removing them from battle. Depending on how you would use Limbo will determine his build. His attributes though is a bit clunky. He doesn’t have good offensive or defensive attributes as his health and energy are good but his shield and armor are below average.

He does have good power and speed which makes him suitable for his role for crowd control. His first ability is Banish where he can deal damage to enemies and send them to the other dimension. Using Banish on allies can also send them to the other dimension minus the damage. This is good for saving allies who are about to die but enemies on the same dimension as those allies can also be attacked. Allies and Limbo can get out of the other dimension when they are ready by rolling.

Stasis freezes nearby enemies which allows you to damage them freely. His last two abilities are Rift Surge and Cataclysm which are area damage based abilities to hit enemies. Limbo’s parts can be obtained the Europa Junction and one other thing, Limbo is considered to be the best when it comes to doing Spy Missions as he can sneak into the other dimension and finish the initial part.

07) Oberon

Oberon is like a knight in shining armor because he plays as a support. He can be a knight because for a support, he is a bit tanky and can survive on its own. His abilities though aren’t much for offense so it is still good to play him with a team. Oberon’s attributes are what you would expect with a mixture of a tank and a support. He has average power and speed but his energy is pretty good. His defensive attributes are also impressive when it comes to his health, armor and shield.

Oberon’s abilities focus on damage and have elements of healing and recovery. Smite is an ability that attacks a group of enemies and Hallowed Ground is an area attack where Oberon spawns grasses and it damages enemies that walk on it. Renewal is basically an area heal so any allies near it will be healed. Then Reckoning deals an area damage to enemies. Any enemies killed will leave behind health or energy recovery spheres for added healing.

You can go different ways when it comes to building up Oberon. You can go for a hard support build by increasing his energy and putting mods on specific abilities. You can also make him a bit beefy if you want to do solo missions and just mod up his offensive abilities since you don’t have to worry about healing others. Oberon also has a Prime variation.

06) Mag

The Mag is a good support Warframe to have in your arsenal. If you don’t want to play support then that’s fine but the Mag is also capable of solo play. The Mag was at one time one of the starting Warframes but now that’s not the case, unfortunately. That’s fine as you can farm her components through the Sergeant, a boss from Phobos. The Mag specializes in magnetism as a theme. It is also better to use her as a long range type of Warframe. That’s because the Mag has very poor armor and health growth.

She does have impressive speed, attack and her best attribute is her shield being one of the highest starting shields of any Warframe in the game. Her abilities can be used for offense and support depending on how you play. Pull allows you to pull enemies near you and it also deals damage. In the other end, Pull can also pull a downed ally near Mag where she can then revive them safely. Polarize depletes enemy shields and it also restores ally shields which is good. Crush is basically an area attack that deals tremendous damage to nearby enemies.

Magnetize can be a bit confusing but it places a debuff on an enemy target which attracts other enemies but the beauty of this ability is that any projectiles will be attracted to the enemy for a sure-fire hit. Plus enemies killed under Magnetize will deal damage to nearby enemies. In closing, Mag is best suited to have shield mods to increase her shield even more as it is impressive and she also has a Prime variation.

05) Trinity

Trinity is considered as the best healer in the game so along that line she also falls as a support. Trinity has a lot of abilities when it comes to healing and helping allies recover. Having her on a team increases the team’s survival rating when it comes to infestation and defense missions. Trinity has good health and shield as well as impressive energy. Her armor does suck as she starts off with just 15 armor. Regardless, Trinity’s abilities make up for her lack of defense.

Well of Life places a debuff on enemies where every time players attack them they are healed. Energy Vampire is another debuff but instead it recovers allies’ energy and there’s no need to attack them. Link helps Trinity with her weak defense. She can connect with an enemy so in turn the damage she gets is lessened and part of the damage is sent to the linked enemy. Then finally Blessing fully recovers allies’ health and shield regardless where they are on the map.

The best way to build up Trinity is increasing her energy since she relies mostly on her abilities to support the team or just survive on her own. People make mistakes by improving her armor, it can be possible but so much better to just improve her utility since she’ll just end up under performing. She also has a Prime variation but even with basic Trinity she can be beneficial to any team. Trinity’s parts can also be farmed from Ambulas from Pluto.

04) Chroma

Chroma is a very good Warframe with a very good mechanic to him. Chroma can be considered as an element specialist being able to use heat, cold, toxin and electricity. The caveat here is that Chroma cannot change element types in-game which is why you have to set it at the start. This is done by changing his energy color which is where aesthetics can play a mechanic. Chroma is normally played as a tank support since he has good health, shield, and energy. His speed and power are just average but his armor is extremely high from the start which is around 350.

We mentioned that he can also be a support and that is because of his abilities. Spectral Scream is his only offensive ability which deals elemental damage to a target depending on his elemental property. Vex Armor works only for Chroma were he is able to increase armor when he gets his shield damaged and increases his power when his health is damaged. His two support abilities are Effigy and Elemental Ward with the former boosting allies’ properties. Elemental Ward is a sweet ability because it places an aura on allies which has varying effects.

Heat element increases health and has a chance to burn. Cold element increases armor and has a chance to freeze enemies. Toxin increases stamina and allows the chance to poison enemies. Then finally, Electricity increases shields and has a chance to shock. Building Chroma can be done by increasing his armor even more as well as energy to let you dispatch more abilities. Getting his parts is tricky and it is done by doing the Junctions at Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

03) Titania

Named after the Fairy Queen, Titania has the fairy or pixie motif going for her. Titania specializes in speed and mobility. First of all, she has power and speed. Her other attributes like health and shield are average and her armor is low. You can farm her parts at the New Loka leader at any relay point. The good thing about Titania is that she is a Warframe that can be used on solo missions. She has a good offense and while her defense maybe low, she is very mobile allowing her to avoid getting killed right away.

Her abilities include Spellbind which somewhat blows away enemies causing them not to attack and allies get a temporary immunity to status effects. Tribute is a debuff on a single target enemy where Titania can gain one of four random buffs like Dust, Thorns, Entangle and Full Moon. Lantern is a single enemy debuff where they are damaged over time. The enemy under Lantern’s effects will attract other enemies to it until it will explode dealing damage.

Razorwing is a neat one where Titania will shrink to the size of a regular fairy for a short duration. Under the effect of Razorwing, Titania can fly freely into the battlefield attacking enemies in sight. There are many ways to build up Titania but the ideal ways would be increasing her power and energy. She is already mobile enough so you don’t need to worry about armor and shields.

02) Octavia

Out of all the Warframes currently that have a gimmick to them, Octavia’s might be the one that has the most unique. Octavia’s gimmick is that she uses music (rhythm and beats). The unique part is that you can edit the beats to play a certain music track or just some random mash of music. There are some effects when the beats are just right but of course Octavia is suited for the battlefield.

Mallet is an ability where Octavia throws an orb booming with music and enemies will target it. When the Mallet will blow, depending on how much damage it took will determine how powerful the burst is. Resonator is much like Mallet but it lures away enemies with the beats that it plays. Resonator can be used to complement with Mallet as the enemies will follow the Resonator with Mallet on top of it causing them to be caught in the explosion. Metronome is an area buff which has very interesting mechanics. Depending on the players’ actions during the beats, they will get a random buff.

Amp allows Octavia to have a boost in Octavia and her allies’ attack. It also affects her other skills like Resonator and Mallet by increasing their range. Farming her parts can be a challenge as her parts are located in different areas and not just one. However many players claim that when you do manage to farm her and understand her mechanics, then she can be really fun to play as.

01) Inaros

It can be arguable if Inaros can be considered as the best but he has some nice mechanics to him. He sort of has that desert motif going for him using sands and scarabs. He is also perfect for melee or long range combat depending on how you build him up. Inaros’ attributes doesn’t sound that appealing but until you get the style, he can be very powerful. First of all he has average speed and power as well as zero shield. He does have the highest base health having 550 and armor of around 200.

His ability Dessiccation will deal damage to a single enemy and heal him for a certain amount. Devour allows him to trap an enemy under a quicksand. Devouring an enemy allows him or an ally to be healed as well as spawning a Sand Shadow (allied unit) to fight for him for a period of time. Sandstorm allows Inaros to transform into sand damaging enemies nearby and he is invulnerable during this state. It also synergizes with Devour as he can devour any enemies under the quicksand while under the Sandstorm status. Scarab Swarm turns his health into an armor of scarab having a boost of armor.

If the player wishes, they can disperse the armor dealing damage to nearby enemies and getting healed in the process. One other interesting mechanic about Inaros is that during his downed state, he can revive himself when there are enemies nearby as he is able to absorb life force that allows him to be revived even without other players helping him up. In the hands of capable players, Inaros will not die. That’s right he isn’t the tankiest but he doesn’t necessarily die right away when you know how to play him. Put mods on the right abilities and simply increase his attack and speed and you’ll be fine. Farming his parts also isn’t that challenging as you can buy them from Baro Ki’Teer for the right price.